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Join date: Aug 22, 2023


I'm neurospicey, an' love te draw & craft.

I've always been fascinated by jointed dolls, since i play't wi' Sindy dolls & Action Man, as a child. So, it was natural I'd graduate, in a sense, te BJD, in ma early twenties 😸

I feel that dolls are awfy therapeutic 😻

Be it dressin', brushin' hair, sewin' clothes, creatin' diorama senes, posin' them, or takin' photies.

In ma mid te late 30's, i now almost hae 7 bjd. I'm awfy fussy aboot sculpts & joints 😹 so, only 4 companies have caught ma eye, over the years. Though, wi' Granado, it was the fastest.


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