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29Bayou & New Items Release Notice + 11st Anniversary Celebration

Dear all,

Today we have many great news that we would love to present to you.

The first one is our new mini girl is released! Please check the details below:

Bayou [ 白柚 ]

Price: 258 USD

Skin Type: ALL

Set includes: 29Bayou whole doll (You can choose from sealed or opened eyes)

Request Options: Eyes, Makeup service

PS. On our new website, all our request options are listed separately.

:: Ordering Period ::

From 9/5/2022 to 9/6/2022

We have 2 new and small items that you may interested, they are Mini B.J. hands and Mini upper body base.F.

Finally we have B.J. hands for our mini male dolls!

Mini B.J. Hands

Price: 120 USD

Skin Type: WS / WFS / NS

Can fit into our mini male dolls.

Mini Upper Body Base

Price: 58 USD

Skin Type: ALL

Suitable for mini doll heads. Neck size: 4cm

And here is our 11st Anniversary Celebration is here! (Sorry for the late!)

This time, we bring back 6 of our dolls.

And we have discount for you all!

They are:

The most important thing is, opened eyes 29Bonnie can be ordered.

Also we added Male body 32Evolve option to Garden [雪庭] and Shadow [玄景].

:: Discount ::

A) If you order over $1000 of our resin dolls, you will get a 10% discount. (Not include shipping fee)

B) If you order over $820 of our resin dolls, you will get a 8% discount. (Not include shipping fee)

C) If you order over $650 of our resin dolls, you will get a 5% discount. (Not include shipping fee)

Please contact us on QnA Board with your order ID before 15/06/2022 after your purchase, we will then refund the valid discount amount. Or your discount will be invalid.

:: Event Period ::

From 9/5/2022 to 31/5/2022

:: Special ::

We will provide seam sanding service for free.

Thank you <3



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