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We use multiple modes of shipping method to ship your items. Shipping fees are determined entirely by China EMS (Express Mail Service).

We do not provide another shipping method. We ask for your understanding.

Unless there is special request from customer, all packages will be marked with true value or $USD450 the maximum. If you do wish to under-declare the value of the order(s) for customs purpose, please let us know in the order from (ex: Please mark my package as gift and value at $80). Please note as the insurance value will drop accordingly, you will not be able to receive full compensation if your items get lost or damaged during delivery.


As a general rule, Granado does not issue refunds for order that has been paid. However, if you need to return the original package due to circumstances beyond control—buyer’s death, disappearance, or corresponding case—please contact Granado immediately, we may refund 20% of the total price to the buyer if the original package is returned within 10 business days from the date you received the package.

  • You will be responsible to pay the Postage for returning the shipment to Granado using a courier service you choose. 

  • No refund will be issued if the original package is not returned within 10 business days.

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