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All Stars 2024

Dear all,

It's been a long time (we skipped our 13th anniversary celebration due to the unlucky number 13, lol)!

Today, Granado has some exciting news to share. From May to June, we will be hosting an All Stars event. Six of our most popular dolls is re-released, and they available at up to a 10% discount!

In addition, their re-release will include a new skin color: PINK. Don’t miss out!

:: Re-release Dolls ::

:: Discount ::

If you order a Michael | Pancho | Jupiter | Uranus | Mars | Uriel head, you will get a 5% discount. (Exclude shipping fee)

If you order a whole Michael | Pancho | Jupiter | Uranus | Mars | Uriel doll (head + body), you will get a 10% discount. (Exclude shipping fee)

Please contact us on QnA Board with your order ID before 20/6/2024 after your purchase, we will then refund the valid discount amount. Or your discount will be invalid.

:: Event Period ::

From 17/5/2024 to 17/6/2024

:: Special ::

 We will provide seam sanding service for free.

Thank you!



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