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Cain Release Notice

Dear all,

Today, Archangel series (Part 2) welcomes a new male member, Cain.

He is a 75cm range doll. We hope you like him!

Please check the details below:


Price: 180 USD

Skin Type: ALL

Set includes: Cain's head

Request Options: Bodies, Eyes, Makeup service

PS. On our new website, all our request options are listed separately.

:: Ordering Period ::

From 5/8/2022 to 5/9/2022

:: Special ::

We will provide seam sanding service for free.

Thank you <3



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2 comentarios

06 ago 2022

He's gorgeous, but as always, I'd really appreciate full, 3/4, and profile images without faceup.

Me gusta
Contestando a

Hello, You can check his blank face on the bottom of his page. Thanks!

Me gusta
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