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Custom-made doll service (CDS)

Greetings! We are Granado.

In the past eight years, our dolls, both realistic or anime style have earned a high reputation from supporters.

We believe Crocus Lee has mastered his craftsmanship therefore after a thorough consideration,

we proudly announce a brand new custom-made doll service (CDS) and welcome individual to order.

The charges will be available for all interested members and supporters!

1) We offer face-up service. Each face-up costs $70.

2) Customer who order a custom-made doll head, can enjoy a 30% off discount for purchase a Granado original doll body. (1 head for 1 body)

3) Custom-made dolls(head and body) can be in different size, please consult other sizes’ price with us.

4) We would not be responsible for the characters / person’s portrait right.

5) Shipping fee is not included. We will charge according to the doll’s package volume / weight or shipping method.

6) We will not open a second-sell for the custom-made dolls. But we may take some pictures or video of the custom-made doll for future advertisement.

About Payment

The total payment amount will be separated into four parts.

Please contact us by E-mail for CDS.

Thank you very much!



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