Photo Contest 2021 Result announcement

Dear all,

First, we would like to thanks everyone who supports our photo contest after a difficult year. Photo Contest 2021 comes to an end! This time we got many beautiful pictures <3 Best Pictures

Model : Ninth [玄月], Shadow [玄景] Competitor AliWangWang : diamondflycat --

Each picture has a different style which blows our mind!

And the best thing is: they all look beautiful.

The outfits, props, face-up, and even skills are great.

We love all the pictures <3 Best Photography Skills

Model : Galileo Competitor AliWangWang : 朱晓雯22 -- Thers are Beautiful! We can see ZEN / Silent in the pictures. Which is hard to do.

This is also like our original idea: Galileo is a monk.

Thank you for joining us! Best Faceup Skills

Model : Andrew Competitor E-mail :

-- Love the faceup you paint on Andrew <3

Best Props Production