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Lucky Roar Fes 2022

Kung Hei Fat Choy!

To celebrate the Year of the Tiger, Lucky Roar Festival is here!

We now present a new male body, Male Body 32Evolve. Which is a recreated body, base on Male body Evol. But 32Evolve is smaller, with even better mobility.

This event is a bit different from last year, please check the details below.

:: Ordering Period ::

From 26/1/2022 to 26/2/2021

1: Lucky Bag is back!!

Basic Price: 250 USD

Skin Type: All

Roar bag ($300) includes 2 of random VIPO series heads.

Clover bag ($280) includes 1 of random VIPO series head and 1 of random head.

Pomelo bag ($250) includes random items. You may get 2 of large doll heads, or a whole tiny doll.

2: Tiny Head+32Evolve package, 15% OFF!

Head+32Evolve Package

Price: 326 USD > 277.1 USD

Skin Type: All

Set includes: 1 Head (Noah, Napoleon, Lucent, Lucifer, Galileo or Shadow), Male body 32Evolve, Ballet feet and Heel feet.

Request Options: Eyes, Makeup service, 4 pairs of tiny hands

(heel feet & ballet feet originally need to be purchased separately)

3: Check details pictures of Male body 32Evolve!

Male body 32Evolve

Price: 278 USD

Skin Type: All

Set includes: Male body 32Evolve

Request Options: Ballet feet, Heel feet, 4 pairs of tiny hands

:: Special ::

We will provide seam sanding service for free.

Granado wish you prosperity and wealth!



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